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Would you rather dedicate time to mastering one thing, or spend that time learning about several different things?

Actually, I don't care. Next! helps you find like-minded people
based on the questions you answer and ask

Find kindred spirits

We believe that how people answer questions reveals a lot more about who they are than their name, their face, or their race. uses this information to identify the people around you who are most like you.

Discover what others think

Ever been curious about what the rest of the world thinks? Submit your own questions for everyone else to answer. Think of this as the "truth" portion of truth or dare. We love data and the power it has to reveal patterns and insights about people.

Safely and anonymously

Your profile is 100% anonymous to encourage honesty, but you can provide additional information such as your location and social networks to help us suggest connections. You can always hide any sensitive questions from displaying publicly.

How it works

Answer questions to build your personality profile

The more questions you answer, the more accurately we can make suggested matches.

For each question, you can toggle whether your answer will be publicly visible or hidden. If hidden, no one can see that you've answered that question.

See who is similar

Discover who answered the most questions similarly to you and see how they align with your personality and preferences. works best with your existing social networks. Discover friends or friends of friends who have much more in common with you than you realize.

Contribute to the community

What are you curious about? Contribute your own questions to see where everyone else stands on the topic.

Be recognized for asking the most interesting questions as determined by the community.

Join our community

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